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Cost-Effective Packaging Supplies In Liverpool, Bolton And The Wirral

Whether you need cardboard boxes for packing your entire home into one of our storage units or bubble wrap to protect fragile items while you store them, Adams Selfstore has everything to store your belongings safely.

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Packaging Supplies At Fantastic Prices

We pride ourselves on our clean and safe storage facilities so it’s only natural that we provide our customers with the best quality shrink wrap, packing boxes and bubble wrap to make sure their belongings are looked after during the duration of their storage time.

The Best Choice Packaging Supplies

We cater for personal storage and business storage so whatever you need to keep safe at Adams Selfstore, you’ll find everything you need to do just that.

Our business supplies include archive boxes for storing files, as well as multiple sizes of cardboard boxes for any other items. Choose from storage spaces ranging from lockers to containers for office moves, refurbishment storage or secure file storage.

We also offer wholesale and eco-friendly packaging products.

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Packing Supplies for Every Need

Our storage space is used by people moving homes, downsizing, redecorating and even students storing all their belongings for the holidays so we understand that your storage options need to be versatile.

We stock a wide range of box sizes, wardrobe boxes for clothing storage, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and tape to keep everything neat and protected. Our double-walled cardboard boxes mean your items are more protected and secure than traditional single-walled boxes and we sell our boxes individually to ensure a tailor-made storage solution.

With packaging prices starting from just 60 pence, everything is great value, and we will never be beaten on price.

  • Double-walled large cardboard boxes = £3.99
  • Double-walled small cardboard boxes = £2.99
  • Archive boxes = £3.99
  • Wardrobe boxes = £11.99
  • Bubble wrap = 60p per metre
  • Shrink Wrap = £10.99
  • White parcel tape = £1.99
  • Fragile parcel tape = £2.39
  • Marker Pens = £1
  • Padlocks for your storage unit from  £7.99

(all prices are inclusive of VAT)

Whatever your packaging requirements, our range of supplies can help.

Need packing and storage supplies in Bolton, Liverpool or Wirral? Get in touch with Adams Selfstore to find your ideal storage solution today.

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With an excellent reputation for premium, green packaging supplies across local areas in Liverpool, Wirral and Bolton, our bespoke packaging is the top choice. For anyone who wants a cost-effective solution for wholesale packaging supplies, Adams Selfstore’s exclusive packing materials are some of the best you can find in the North West.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us today for a custom packaging quote.

Our Storage Centres

Storage and Packing Boxes Liverpool

If you need cardboard boxes in Liverpool, our Aintree facility is close to the city centre and not far from Aintree Racecourse. We offer personal, business and student storage in Liverpool so whether you need moving boxes and bubble wrap or packaging supplies for your small business, get in touch today to request a quote or visit our facility to speak to an adviser.

Boxes and Packaging Bolton

If you’re wondering where to buy boxes for packing in Bolton, our facility in Grade II listed Swan Mill has everything you need to store items safely and securely. You can buy boxes and bubble wrap in Manchester when you arrive at our store or you can book a removal service and discuss your packaging needs with our expert team.

Buy Boxes for Moving or Storage in Birkenhead

Our Wirral storage facility in Birkenhead provides for all your self-packaging needs, offering a removal service where we bring the materials to you to make storage as simple as possible no matter where you are in the area. Shop all our packing solutions to store your items comfortably and securely for as long as you need.

Our Environmental Responsibilities

Lots of packing supplies are often thrown away due to their non-recyclable properties. From tapes to other packaging equipment, lots of materials are often thrown away haphazardly without concern for sustainability.

We aim to break this cycle by ensuring that all of our packaging supply services follow the three rules of sustainability – reduced waste, reusable equipment and recyclable materials. The vast range of our supplies for moving and storage will become greener as we develop for a more environmentally-friendly planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For sustainable packaging materials, we usually use recycled materials such as cardboard and paper for our cardboard boxes. We are also familiarising ourselves with biodegradable packaging solutions such as packing peanuts to replace styrofoam. 

When it comes to packaging, there are 4 factors we need to implement in our packaging supplies. 

We need to ensure that our boxes are secure and durable. Most people that are moving homes will have lightweight to heavyweight items that need to be transported from one home to another, and a durable packaging box will help ensure that no items will be damaged with our products. 

Affordability is also a factor that we can proudly show for our products, as is the ease of use for our supplies. We want to ensure that you won’t have a hard time as moving homes are already a hassle! 

The last factor is our product’s availability. Overall, we make sure that anybody can use our packaging supplies if needed. 

More evidence is shown each day about the impact that packaging has on the environment. With this evidence in place, it is understandable that people want more eco-friendly packaging options from retailers and storage suppliers. 

This is why we aim to deliver sustainable packaging options for all of our customers.