8 ways to make moving less stressful

It’s no secret – moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. But it doesn’t have to be… We’ve put together a selection of handy tips and tricks that will make the moving process stress-free and, dare we say it, enjoyable!

Have a clear out

If you haven’t used it in years, have forgotten you even had it, or simply don’t want it, there’s no point taking it to your new home.

Let’s face it – we all have gifts that we’ve held onto for years because we feel bad for throwing them. But if ever there was a time to chuck them, it’s when you move.

If you do have things you can’t let go but don’t consider essentials, you can always put them into storage. Look for a local self-storage unit near you.

Lists are your friend

Never knock a list – especially when you’re moving house. You can have a list of tasks that you need to complete, things that you want to take, or things that you need to buy (boxes etc).

Take the time to sit and make these lists because they’ll help to make sure nothing gets missed in the frenzy.

Start packing early

I know… It can be incredibly easy to keep putting this off – it’s a daunting task that always seems better suited to tomorrow… or the next day. But the longer you leave it, the harder it gets.

If you’ve made a list, stick to it, follow it, and you’ll find packing gets a whole lot easier.

Get your boxes sorted

This doesn’t just mean make sure you have enough boxes (although you should definitely do that) – it’s all about making sure your boxes are clearly labelled.

You can either keep them quite – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. – or you can be as detailed as possible. For example, you might want to put kitchen – saucepans. Bedroom – jeans and trousers.

Make sure you don’t overload them either – some boxes will always be heavy but they shouldn’t be unbearably heavy. So if you can’t lift it, take something out.

Don’t forget to bubblewrap

Arriving at your new home only to find all your valuables or fragile items are smashed is only ever going to dampen your spirits. So wrap them in bubblewrap or, at the very least, old newspaper.

Have a box of essentials

This is great – especially if you’ve got young children. Pack a box/bag of essentials… the things you’ll want to get to as soon as you make it to your new home.

This might include a kettle, teabags, snacks, toilet roll etc. And if you do have young children, you might want to include a change of clothes, some games, or something to keep them preoccupied while you start to unload the boxes.

Don’t overdo it

You’ll have plenty of time for unpacking so don’t force yourself to get it all done the same day you move in. If you can, that’s great. But if you can’t, don’t beat yourself.

Focus on the essentials first. This will stop any confusion or things getting too crazy. If you mark which boxes are essential, you can always put the rest into storage, ready for you to sort through at a later date.

Don’t forget about utilities

Moving day can sometimes feel like a bit of a blur, but try and take meter readings and pass them onto your suppliers. It might seem like a bit of a pain but it stops you paying more than you should.